Greetings Webtaculators!

Welcome to your newest internet destination, Webtacular World Version 2.0.

We here at Webtacular World  recently came to the realization that most people don’t spend the same amount of time as we do looking at the internet. This means that these people might be missing things. Very important things. And then finding out about those things when they are no longer relevant. And then posting those things, thinking they have found the next best thing since sliced bread, while everyone else has moved on to the actual next best thing since sliced bread, which happens to be a video about slicing bread… well, you get the idea.

Hence this: the Webtacular World newsletter website. We plan on sending out one update a week of the best things on the internet, using a precise combination of big data, analytics, algorithms, child labor, and gumption – never mind, that’s too much work – how about just the things that we subjectively find interesting, funny, important, strange, and topical – so that you will have something to talk about around the water cooler, or at least be able to vaguely understand what the hell everyone else is talking about. This way, you can continue your great efforts in making the world a better place while we can continue our great efforts in making sure you know what to know in a timely manner of once a week. Satisfaction is guaranteed because we said so.*

1. You are busy people
2. We are less busy people
3. We use this less busyness for the very important purpose of scouring the internet
4. We share the best (not subjective) of what we find with you
5. You now have something to talk about / know what other people are talking about while you use your busyness for worthwhile endeavors.

Hopefully, this brings you joy on a somewhat constant schedule, and leaves us with an outlet to bother you good folks on a regular basis. Thanks for testing this out. Who knows, maybe it will actually become something someday.


*Any disagreement with this statement will be promptly disregarded. Please direct all complaints to the comments section. Our very active and courteous community action team (CATs) will reply to your concerns swiftly and appropriately. Or not.
**Actual timing, format, and content subject to change, but will assuredly never be delivered by carrier pigeon, unless it is.


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